Scope ambiguities, monads and strengths

Justyna Grudzinska, University of Warsaw, Poland
Marek Zawadowski, University of Warsaw, Poland


In this paper, we will discuss three semantically distinct scope assignment strategies: traditional movement strategy, polyadic approach, and continuation-based approach. As a generalized quantifier on a set X is an element of C(X), the value of continuation monad C on X, in all three approaches QPs are interpreted as C-computations. The main goal of this paper is to relate the three strategies to the computational machinery connected to the monad C (strength and derived operations). As will be shown, both the polyadic approach and the continuation-based approach make heavy use of monad constructs. In the traditional movement strategy, monad constructs are not used but we still need them to explain how the three strategies are related and what can be expected of them wrt handling scopal ambiguities in simple sentences.


scope ambiguities, continuation monad, strength

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ISSN of the paper edition: 2299-856X