The Dutch Anaphoric Possessive Construction



possessive constructions, anaphoric possessives, Dutch treebanks, Constructional Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar, multiple inheritance


The Dutch anaphoric possessive construction (APC), as exemplified by Tom zijn fiets ‘Tom his bike’, shows a peculiar mix of regularity and idiosyncracy. The article provides a theory-neutral description of its properties and quantitative information about its use in two treebanks, one of spoken Dutch (CGN) and one of written Dutch (Lassy Small). It argues that the APC has a right branching structure and models it in the framework of Constructional Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar. The latter’s organization of constructions in terms of a finegrained hierarchy of phrase types is shown to provide the means to capture both what the APC has in common with other possessive constructions and what is idiosyncratic of it.


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Van Eynde, F. (2023). The Dutch Anaphoric Possessive Construction . Journal of Language Modelling, 11(2), 267–296.



Special Issue on Constructional Approaches in Formal Grammar