A logical approach to grammar description


  • Lionel Clément Université de Bordeaux LaBRI
  • Jérôme Kirman Université de Bordeaux LaBRI
  • Sylvain Salvati Université de Bordeaux LaBRI


grammar description, logic, Finite State Automata, logical transduction, lambda calculus, Abstract Categorial Grammars


In the tradition of Model Theoretic Syntax, we propose a logical approach to the description of grammars. We combine in one formalism several tools that are used throughout computer science for their power of abstraction: logic and lambda calculus. We propose then a high-level formalism for describing mildly context sensitive grammars and their semantic interpretation. As we rely on the correspondence between logic and finite state automata, our method combines conciseness with effectivity. We illustrate our approach with a simple linguistic model of several interleaved linguistic phenomena involving extraction. The level of abstraction provided by logic and lambda calculus allows us not only to use this linguistic model for several languages, namely English, German, and Dutch, but also for semantic interpretation.



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Clément, L., Kirman, J., & Salvati, S. (2015). A logical approach to grammar description. Journal of Language Modelling, 3(1), 87–143. https://doi.org/10.15398/jlm.v3i1.94