Implementing semantic frames as typed feature structures with XMG


  • Timm Lichte University of Düsseldorf
  • Simon Petitjean University of Orléans


grammar engineering, frame semantics, typed feature structures


This work presents results on the integration of frame-based representations into the framework of eXtensible MetaGrammar (XMG). Originally XMG allowed for the description of tree-based syntactic structures and underspecified representations of predicate-logical formulae, but the representation of frames as a sort of typed feature structure, particularly type unification, was not supported. Therefore, we introduce an extension that is capable of handling frame representations directly by means of a novel <frame>-dimension. The aim is not only to make possible a straightforward specification of frame descriptions, but also to offer various ways to specify constraints on types, be it as a contiguous type hierarchy or a loose set of feature structure constraints. The presented extensions to XMG are fully operational in a new prototype.


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Lichte, T., & Petitjean, S. (2015). Implementing semantic frames as typed feature structures with XMG. Journal of Language Modelling, 3(1), 185–228.